Innovation & Collaboration

We collaborate with academia, industries and government departments and agencies in a number of initiatives, ranging from national cyber security, enterprise security, information assurance, protection strategy, climate control to health and life sciences.

We participate in academic and industrial initiatives, national and international collaborative technology-inspired programmes, and undertake independent bespoke technology-based & survey-based research engagements.

C-MRiC is free membership to both individuals and corporate entities, it is voluntary, open and professional.

Membership to C-MRiC entitles you free access to our publications, early sightings to research and innovations, and allows you to submit, request and pioneer research, conference or journal project through us. Members are selected based on expertise to support some of our activities on a voluntary basis, such as peer reviews, editorials, participating, organising and promoting conference and journal publications.

Join us now to be a part of this journey together!