c-mric.com creates local and international opportunities for everyone from every country and culture worldwide. Working effectively and efficiently with diversity is an essential part of the multi-cultural part of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation and Collaboration.

We are an equal opportunity Centre. We encourage and foster interplay between people of different backgrounds, culture and society. We offer a wide range of learning, career enhancement, internships, partnerships and employment opportunities. All opportunities are on a free and voluntary basis, and usually, on a part-time basis. The goal of these programmes is to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge and experience among professionals and to foster individual commitment, participation and engagement.

c-mric.com is a free membership organisation that is reliant on individual and corporate voluntary support to run and operate its activities. Not only are members provided the opportunity to collaborate in peer reviews, editorials, participating, organising and promoting conference and journal publications; they are also provided free access to our publications.

Why not become a member today?

Currently, we are looking for people to:

  • Chair conferences – that is, conference publicity chair,
  • Chair tracks/sessions during conferences,
  • Present keynotes (keynote speakers, based on expertise and subject to selection criteria),
  • Disseminate call for papers,
  • Organise and run conference workstreams, strands and workshops,
  • Cover photographs during conferences,
  • Cover video and audio recordings during conferences,
  • Arrange publication of conference proceedings.

If you are interested in participating, volunteering and engaging with c-mric.com, in one or many of the activities listed above, please click here to complete a form.