Understanding Cyber Situation Awareness

International Journal On Cyber Situational Awareness (IJCSA)

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Dr Cyril Onwubiko, Chair – Cyber Security & Intelligence, E-Security Group, Research Series, London, UK; IEEE UK & Ireland Section Secretary

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Professor Frank Wang, Head of School / Professor of Future Computing, Chair IEEE Computer Society, UK&RI, School of Computing, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Dr Thomas Owens, Senior Lecturer & Director of Quality, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Brunel University, London, UK

Understanding Cyber Situation Awareness

Cyril Onwubiko


Historically, situation awareness has been applied to mainstream disciplines such as psychology, air traffic control, and aviation. This trend has since changed. Situation awareness has expanded now into the Cyber domain such as social media, vehicular networks (VANET), cybersecurity, CERTs and computer network defense (CND) etc. With every new innovation or its application, there is potential for misconceptions, misinterpretation and downright misunderstanding. This has led to situations where very many ‘things’ have now been ‘branded’ Cyber SA, many of which have nothing to do with situation awareness. This paper introduces Cyber SA, provides definitions, examples and discusses applications of situation awareness in the Cyber domain.

Keyword: Cyber Situation Awareness, Cyber SA, Situation Awareness, Computer Network Defense, Situational Awareness, SA, CND, Cybersecurity, VANET, CERT, SOC, Cyber SA Applications

ISSN: 2057-2182

Volume 1. No. 1

DOI: 10.22619/IJCSA.2016.100101

Date: Nov. 2016

Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Onwubiko, C. (2016). Understanding Cyber Situation Awareness. International Journal on Cyber Situational Awareness, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp11-30.

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