Cyber Science 2018 Presentations

 Keynote Seminar
Prof Sadie Creese A Cyber Science Challenge: Evaluating Residual Risks and Propagating Harm
Dr Cyril Onwubiko Describing a CyberSA Analysis Model
Prof Jens Myrup Pedersen Internet of things a hacker perspective
DI Eamonn Keane The Challenge to Policing in investigating cybercrime


Author’s Presentations
Mr Anastasios Balaskas Analytical Tools for Blockchain: Review, Taxonomy & Open Challenges
Mr André Sørensen An Approach to Detect and Prevent Cybercrime in Large Complex Networks
Dr Andrea Cullen A Human Vulnerability Assessment Methodology
Mr Andres Robles-Durazno A supervised energy monitoring-based machine learning approach for anomaly detection in a clean water supply system
Dr Anthony Arrott Hierarchical Classes of Malware
Dr Arghir Nicolae Moldovan Cloud Based Real-Time Network Intrusion
Detection Using Deep Learning
Dr Artsiom Yautsiukhin Cyber-insurance and security interdependence: friends or foes?
Prof Arun Lakhotia Malware Economics and its Implication to Anti-Malware Situational Awareness
Mr Basil Alothman Raw Network Traffic Data Preprocessing and Preparation for Automatic Analysis
Mr Baskoro Adi Pratomo Unsupervised Approach for Detecting Low-Rate Attacks on Network Traffic with Autoencoder
Dr Bob Duncan Attackers Constantly Threaten the Survival of Organisations, but there is a New Shark in the Water: Carcharodon Carcharias Moderator Europa Universalis
Prof Camel Tanougast Combined and Robust SNOW-ZUC Algorithm Based on Chaotic System
Mr Christopher McDermott Towards Situational Awareness of Botnet Activity in the Internet of Things
Dr Cyril Onwubiko CoCoa: An Ontology for Cybersecurity Operations Centre Analysis Process
Mr Daniel Fraunholz Introducing Falcom: A Multifunctional High-Interaction Honeypot Framework for Industrial and Embedded Applications
Mr Daniel Woods Towards integrating insurance data into information security investment decisions making
Dr Dimitrios Kavallieros Searching for crime on the web: Legal and Ethical perspectives
Dr Domhnall Carlin Dynamic Opcode Analysis of Ransomware
Mr Egon Kidmose Detection of malicious domains through lexical analysis
Dr Eliana Stavrou Cyber Situational Awareness Tools
A New Perspective of Password Auditing
Ms Erin Kenneally Cyber Risk Economics Capability Gaps Research Strategy
Ms Halldis Søhoel OWASP top ten: What is the state of practice among start-ups?
Ms Hanan Hindy A Taxonomy of Malicious Traffic for Intrusion Detection Systems
Dr Jason Koepke A Taxonomy of Malicious Traffic for Intrusion Detection Systems
Ms Kay Michel Towards An Adaptable System-based Classification Design for Cyber Identity
Prof Kevin Jones Cyber-Risk Assessment for Autonomous Ships
Dr Martin Gilje Jaatun Cyber Security Considerations for Self-healing Smart Grid Networks
Capt. Martin Span A Systems Security Approach for Requirements Analysis of Complex Cyber-Physical Systems
Mr Mirko Bottarelli Quantisation feasibility and performance of RSS-based secret key extraction in VANETs
Mr Nima Asadi Analysis of Adversarial Movement Through Characteristics of Graph Topological Ordering
Prof Nizar Bouguila A Bayesian Intrusion Detection Framework
Mr Obinna Omego Ensuring Message Freshness in A Multi-Channel SMS Steganographic Banking Protocol
Dr Patrik Lif Development and evaluation of information elements for simplified cyber-incident reports
Mr Paul Wortman An adversarial Risk-based approach for Network Architecture security modeling and design
Dr Per Håkon Meland A Netnographic Study on the Dark Net Ecosystem for Ransomware
Dr Per Håkon Meland When to Treat Security Risks with Cyber Insurance
Dr Petra Leimich Sub-file  Hashing  Strategies for Fast  Contraband  Detection
Mr Sean Mckeown Reducing the Impact of Network Bottlenecks on Remote Contraband Detection
Mr Shane Miller Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network for Detection of Encrypted VPN Network Traffic
Mr Sungyoung Cho Cyber Kill Chain based Threat Taxonomy and its Application on Cyber Common Operational Picture
Ms Terézia Mézešová Expert Knowledge Elicitation for Skill Level Categorization of Attack Paths
Dr Varun Dutt Cyber security: Influence of patching
Dr Vladimir Eliseev Lightweight Distributed Attack Detection and Prevention for the Safe Internet of Things
Mr Wei Xu The Landscape of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Devices on the Internet
Mr Yassine Lemmou Infection, Self-reproduction and Overinfection in Ransomware: the Case of TeslaCrypt
Mr Yogachandran Rahulamathavan Redesign of Gaussian Mixture Model for Efficient and Privacy-preserving Speaker Recognition
Mr Zachary Hills Compound Password System for Mobile